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Cheryl's Bagels
273 West 500 South Suite 18              Bountiful, Utah 84037

What our Customers Are Saying

  • These beagles are amazing! I didn't know what an east coast beagle was but Cheryl educated us! They barely made it home my son ate two in the car! They are so good!!! We will definitely be getting them again.

  • These are seriously the best bagels I have ever had in my life. I can’t get enough! Never before have I truly enjoyed a bagel plain, but these are so good I actually prefer them plain or with just a bit of butter. They don’t need anything else! Cheryl, the owner, is so sweet as well! I will buy again and again.

  • Cheryl's bagels are THE BEST. MMMMmmm... East Coast style goodness. My mouth is watering right now, just thinking about them! You can't go wrong. I love the savory everything bagel, but even plain never tasted so good. Love the texture and full flavor.

  • We love these bagels! The texture is amazing and each one is perfectly cooked. Whenever I pick them up my car smells so good the whole drive home. I always make a bagel sandwich immediately after getting home with the fresh bagels. Additionally, my in-laws, who are originally from Jersey City, are visiting us. They were so excited to see authentic east coast bagels and a Taylor ham sitting on our counter for breakfast this morning!

  • We found Cheryl’s Bagels on the Kaysville city Facebook page. Maybe I’m no expert, but we did live in metro New York for a few years. Cheryl’s Bagels are the best bagels I’ve had anywhere. The texture is perfect–lightly crispy on the outside, chewy inside without being at all tough. The flavor is wonderful. I hope they’ll be easier to get in the future as she grows the business. My favorite is cinnamon raisin. Salted is also great–I rub off some salt and it’s like the best pretzel you’ve ever had. I ate my bagels with just butter (we’re quarantined)–Cheryl’s bagels don’t need cream cheese or extra flavors on top, though I may experiment next time. Get a dozen. You won’t regret it.

  • We are thrilled to have found Cheryl’s Bagels in Kaysville. They’re handmade with such obvious care and the results are stellar! The taste is deeply flavorful and the textures are spot-on. If you crave golden crisp outsides and tender chewy insides that are toasty heaven with butter or peanut butter or cream cheese or – be still my ❤️- lox, cream cheese, tomato, red onion and capers, then get your bagel order in and get to know Cheryl. She’s doing something magic here!

  • After living in Jersey for 14 years, leaving the bagels was one of my top 5 reasons NOT to leave Jersey. Alas the property taxes one out and we moved to UT. I hadn’t had a decent bagel …until I tried Cheryls bagels. I took one but and said…”she nailed it!!” Crunchy on the outside, chewy goodness on the inside. The sesame is my favorite. A tomato and shmear! Delish!!

  • When my sister lived in New York City, she was pretty much wasn’t allowed to come back home to the family in upstate New York without bringing a few dozen bagels. She’s not in NYC anymore, but now I might be bringing bagels from UT when I go back. Cheryl's Bagels are that good!

  • Omg!!! This is the first time I have had a chance to try these, and now I am wondering where they have been my whole life! I have never had a bagel on the East Coast but I can’t imagine they are any better than this. Absolutely amazing! Cheryl is an amazing lady that has brought us amazing bagels! Love, love, love! Try them, you will not be disappointed