Cheryl is the founder, owner, and chief bagel maker at Cheryls Bagels, a small home-based artisanal bagel shop. Orders are placed online via the website and then picked up at her Kaysville home. If you have any questions please reach out to her via email or text.

Cheryl Mignone

I am an east coast transplant who followed my heart to Utah.  Cheryl’s Bagels was born as a solution to a very simple problem I was having; I was not able to find bagels like those I had grown up with, chewy and crusty on the outside, with a soft inside and a deep rich flavor.

I pride myself on using simple ingredients that you can pronounce and old-school methods to create a traditional East Coast style bagels right here in Davis county.

Good bagels take time, they just can’t be rushed. Each bagel is hand rolled, boiled, and then baked.  I only sell bagels that have been produced that very same day. 

Quality over quantity is my motto, and yes you may have to wait to get an order spot, however I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

Cheryls Bagels is a fully registered and certified business in accordance with the rules and regulations placed forth by the city of Kaysville, the county of Davis, the state of Utah, and the federal government.

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